Thankful List

1. Sleep... my mother-in-law has magic powers, or maybe she puts something in her cooking, or maybe it's all a trick with her clocks, but I can only get over 9 hours of sleep multiple days in a row when we go down and stay at her place in St. Simons. Love you Mama Marsha!

2. Pinterist:

Look at what I had time to try out during my time off. I think I copied the Pinterist photo pretty well!
 Pinterest Hair:
My Hair:

3. Left-over turkey sandwiches

4. Christmas music starting

5. Friends/Family--- isn't that a given?

6. My nephew's laugh!!   See him cracking up here:

7. My husband's winter beard

8. God's infinite grace!

9. The moist-maker (Friends reference)

10. Elf

*These are not in order of importance, otherwise the moist-maker would be at the top. :)

~Thankful Buster