I had a great weekend with my small group girls at disciple now. We slept little, ate lots, and had a blast. I also learned a lot of new knowledge that really is of no use to me, except to make me feel older than I actually am...

I now know of Dub Step, Skrillx, and the Bernie- a dance move, which I think looks like a flailing lunatic (but this is coming from a traditional dancer mind you). Apparently, I look like a seizing monkey when I do it, but in my defense, that's exactly what I thought it looked like on other people, so I was just mimicking! While I'm quite proud of my new dance moves, and my girls thought it was hysterical, sadly I have none to post. Can you hear the disappoint in my words?? :)

The snacks were abounding
Saturday night is the costume night at the church.
With the "driven" theme, my girls dressed like old ladies (who lost their license)
Grey hair and all- they looked awesome!
The other leader and I dressed up as the nursing home nurses.
We had a blast!