Sharptop Camp in Jasper, GA

I have exhausted myself with "camp onawana" style living these past couple of days (That was an early 90's TV show reference if you didn't catch it).  The school I teach at has an annual high school retreat where we take all of our HS students and faculty to a camp in north Georgia. There's zip-lining, blobbing, sliding, swinging, climbing, competing, hiking, biking, swimming, singing, screaming, dancing, jumping, talking, eating, laughing, listening, praying, learning, growing, and bonding to name a few. It was an exhausting blast. I loved getting to know each of my students on a non-English level and loving on the ever changing upper and lower classmen.

I did partake in the sliding (no-picture, no pain), the zip-line (pictured, little pain), and the blob (no picture needed- too much reminder of pain!)

I can't wait for fall--- the mountain air was awesome!  Welcome to September!

~Tired and BruisedBuster