7 years ago

My husband-

I can't believe that 7 years ago today, I met the love of my life. I met a man that God designed perfectly for me; a man that would change my life for good; he would come alongside of me and grow in God's love with me. A man that can still make my knees weak and my heart sing; a man that humbles himself to trust God first and love me second. I met a man on a beach that would turn my world upside down, and then bring me straight back up to stand in awe of my creator. 

I was blessed enough to meet my best friend at 19 years old. He would know me and understand me like no one before. We would laugh harder, louder, and more often than anyone ever had. He would pursue me, adore me, and show me how to live life simply and spontaneously. 

Seven years ago, I met my other half. I met someone as imperfect a myself. Someone that can be just as stubborn and silly as myself; someone slow to speak, and quick to listen. Someone who would challenge me to be better, stronger, and more dependent on my creator, rather than on myself. I met a man whose heart is as big as the sky, and who looks to that same sky for wisdom. I met a man who would balance out my weaknesses as I balanced out his. 

Seven years ago, I met someone that I truly love more than coffee!  Enough said. 

I am so blessed that 7 years ago today, I met my husband, Matthew Taylor Smith, whom I adore and will cherish all the days of my life. 

Since I'm still high on wedding fumes  (it's probably all the hairspray from that day still lingering), and since I am headed to Athens tomorrow, I thought I'd add more wedding pictures that I just received from my friend Anna (who is also still high on her own wedding fumes!). Thanks A!!!!

~  CC


  1. What a sweet post :) Great to spend time with you and Matthew yesterday. xoxo


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