Wedding Weekend PART 2

The day before I tied the knot---what does that really mean anyway? I don't get it. Does anyone know the origin of "tying the knot"? If so... the eternal student in me is dying to know cause as far as I remember, I never tied any knots on my wedding day---anyway, everyone kept asking if it had "hit me" yet and was I nervous or stressed. For some reason, only known by God's peace, I had none of those emotions.  I was extremely excited to marry my best friend and get to live with him for the rest of my life. It was a day of true joy. God absolutely poured, no exploded His love on Matthew and I. The words that were spoken by so many loved ones at our rehearsal dinner cannot not be expressed. They were felt from the heart and humbling to the core. I know I've said it a thousand times, but we are truly the most blessed persons on this Earth, and I believe it's God's love coming through so many people that makes us feel so very blessed. He is so good.

So, I'm realizing I was too caught up in the amazing fact that I was about to get married, and I also realize that my Olympus failed me at the most critical moments of all, so I have no pictures form the rehearsal dinner. Anyone out there who actually reads this blog and attended the rehearsal. Please send the CubBuster those pics! :) 
It was an amazing dinner in the upstairs event room at Paper Mill Grill. Thank you Marsha and Guy for putting together an amazing rehearsal dinner. I have the best in-laws in the world! We cannot thank you enough for all you did and all you said to make our wedding the unbelievable event that it was!

~Mrs. CubBuster