We interrupt this program

Okay, I had to break away from the past wedding stuff to post on a present marriage situation. I interrupt this program for a very important announcement:
If you are not married, you should be. Marriage is amazing. Okay, maybe it wouldn't be if you just married some joe shmoe on the street, but when you find that person that God designed just for you, and you wait on His perfect timing, it is pure bliss!!! Seriously, it will be even more amazing for you if you are still waiting because He is refining you and your spouse to make your marriage incredible! Keep waiting for God's best!

Matthew and I are not your traditional newlyweds. Instead of waiting for our one year anniversary, we've been eating large amounts of wedding cake every night this week. Talk about putting on the marriage weight! :)  (But it's totally worth it!)
Our typical week night setting. A Large slice of cake, glass of milk, and Friends DVD on our computer (since we still don't have a TV).  

This was last week's extra cake on left and topper on right. (We've almost finished all of it in a week!)

My amazing husband let me sleep late on Saturday while he started making french toast! I put together the fruit and yogurt dip, and the tissue is for our remaining colds. :)
My husband loves the Lord, but he's not kneeling to pray. He's being my handyman! I probably could have figured out the L-shaped bracket thingy if I wanted to, but why not let my husband do it now?!

May you always count your blessings and remember the simple joys in life!