When I was preparing to take the SAT for the second time my junior year of high school, I was a bit anxious about the section on analogies. Now I'm not sure if the current standardized college preparatory exam still incorporates this section or not, but I always dreaded these uncommon comparisons. I figured if I was going to claim a greater appreciation for English and potentially hold a degree in the practice, I needed to uphold a certain level of analogical intelligence. I couldn't help but criticize the questions back in the day because I felt they were irrelevant and subjective. Like most things though, my gratitude grew with my age.
There are certainly many issues with our constant desire to compare, but analogies bridge a gap between generational concepts, cultural norms, and language variations. Comparing two seemingly unrelated topics while highlighting their similarities helps depict a more vivid point. I personally create analogies on a semi-regular basis in order to effectively communicate with my husband. Finding common ground is helpful in all effective communication!
I recently heard an a great sermon by Tim Keller, found here, and loved his borrowed analogy explaining why Christians hold a certain amount of responsibility for the level of joy in their lives. He quoted someone else's analogy saying, "It's like giving a child a toy at a party and then telling him he can't play with it until later when the party is over. The child proceeds to throw a fit on the ground, and you say 'honey listen, I can understand, but you can't let this little thing overshadow this wonderful thing you have.'" In other words, if I let the problems in my life cast a shadow on the amazing gift I have in eternal life, I completely lose sight of the point. True Christians should look different from the rest of the world because of ever-present joy. Do we have a bad days? Yes because we are humans living in a flawed and broken world. But are we faking our continuous joy? Are we just putting on a facade to look happier than we are or trying not to show face? No. When you taste and see, it really does change your perspective. You have joy in the midst of sorrow because you get a glimpse at the big picture. That little party will end pretty quickly, and your treasured toy will be waiting for you to enjoy forever.

My boys are enjoying time together this summer and growing like the weeds in our yard. Well, Levi grows more at the pace of our magnolia tree, but I'll take him just as he is right now (because I know it won't last forever).

Early Saturday wake up calls don't change in the summer.

Summo wrestling days won't always be this soft with big boys running around.

I love when Roman gets up before everyone else to have a little one-on-one mommy time.

Gotta teach um about coffee early!

We usually get one "big" harvest picking from the garden and  then just let the tomatoes and herbs hang out the rest of the season. 

Just a few different colored carrots, some sweet pea pods, an eager green tomato and lots of yummy red potatoes this year.

Enjoyed checking out the new Suntrust Stadium with the boys!

Silas LOVED watching the game. Levi wasn't sold yet. 

But I did sell him on the importance of helping out our neighbors.  Sweet boy bringing our elderly friend her paper. 

Best part of summer!

Best gift in the world is watching this boy enjoy delicious treats. 

Even with his cold and current ear infection, Levi seems to be handling his food well! Thank you for continued prayers for his growth this summer! 

~Analogical Buster