Happy Independence Day!

Here's a quick snapshot at our holiday (more for my remembrance).

Because Silas loves "science experiments" so much now, we always look for ones with great reward. Homemade rock candy was perfect!

When it's hot and you only have a short time to get out, water balloons are always a hit.

I thought Christmas was packed with sugar treats, but it seems 4th of July is no different!

Everyone enjoyed the rock candy experiment.

But definitely reserve it for the last thirty minutes of a car trip due to seat belt restraints.

Visiting my parents lake house was a blast! Especially since this little boy is still doing well and only using his tube feed at night.

The tradition of blueberry picking has continued!

I remember doing this last year after Silas met Levi in the hospital for the first time. It's an unbelievable gift to have Levi here with us this year!

Two different cobblers have been made from our harvest!

My husband never ceases to surprise me. A late night paddle board session wasn't on my agenda, but I'm glad it was on his.

Silas enjoyed sparklers with Dee Dee, but burned himself more than once!

I mean.... seriously there are no words to express this boy's thankful joy of living.
We are not sure if Levi is gaining weight (our scale tells us the opposite), so I am praying hard that our appointment with the nutritionist this Tuesday will not force a reversal of food intake. I pray he can continue to eat solely by mouth during the day and strengthen his right arm, which seems to hold him back from much of his exploration. Yet, I can only be grateful for the joy that Levi is in our lives. My boys (all four of them) always remind me to keep it simple and focus on the greatness that we've already experienced!

Thank you for prayers and love! And thanks be to God for all those serving our country to keep us in such glorious freedom. We are deeply appreciative of your selfless service.

~Grateful Buster