snow through the eyes of si

It's been amazing to see Silas' language skills constantly growing every day. He's making his own versions of sentences with two to three words in them. My new favorite happens to be when he just says "hi mommy" or "hi daddy" when we haven't left his presence for hours. He repeats it as if he finally understands the joy of greeting someone. Then, "aw vue mommy" (I love you mommy) or "aw vue daddy" out of no where pretty much makes your heart stop. These past few days he looks outside and just says, "SNOW PLEASE!"

We've been able to experience snow in a whole new way this year too. It's so funny to see what an almost two year-old finds enjoyable in the fluffy white stuff versus a thirty-one year-old.

Matthew couldn't wait to get on a sled.
But Silas just wanted to play on the playground like any old, non-snow day.
Who cares about the playground when you can do this.
I think all boys just love the snow.
Even if it means just throwing snow balls at the trash can.
The first pic when he touched snow (for what he thinks is the first time).
He kept emphasizing the second syllable of snow-MAN or snow-BALL or snow-ANGEL, which actually makes sense if you think about it.
no daddy, i don't want to sled, i want to play on the playground!
Trying to teach Silas about snow angels was hysterical. He started dying laughing when he saw us lying on our backs waving our arms and legs.  I guess it does look kind of silly if you really think about it.
my parents are crazy!
Another snow-day favorite: HOT CHOCOLATE!
A great indoor activity for Silas is pouring water from one dish to another. I swear he could do this for hours.
He looked like a mad scientist
Another great snow-day activity: potty-training
But I was happy he still had a diaper on with all these layers to deal with.

It's life's simple pleasures, like an unexpected snow day, that really makes you stop and praise God for all the beauty in the world.