Tired Turkeys

We traveled down to St. Simons again this year for a wonderful long week of Thanks. Although our little man was under the weather, which made traveling a bit hard on mommy and daddy, we were still constantly giving thanks for our family that gave so much of themselves.

After the busy week was over, I realized I'm definitely not the typical mom because I barely snapped a single shot of film (well of iphone film) the entire time we were gone. I blame it on the other little one growing in me and making me forgetful.

Uncle Kevin was the only family member lucky enough to catch a pic with the traveling clan.
This bird feeder made Silas' day because it made chasing birds a lot easier.
He didn't quite understand that the bread was for the birds, not Silas.
The pooped Smiths are ready to start the Christmas festivities... after a little nap of course.