We all came into the world naked, and naked we shall depart.
I mean come on... aren't we all a bit happier when we're naked as a jay bird without judgements?
Or as my pastor pronounces it- nEked
If only we could sit in a fluffy basket all day and not feel ashamed when we pee and poop on ourselves. Maybe he's a bit embarrassed here.
Nope... he's fine with it
He's actually enjoying it a little too much
No place like nakedness with your closest friends without judgement
We had to instill our own naked time after bath time. He seems to really enjoy it. The amount of laundry needed afterward kind of stinks though (pun intended).
I love all of Silas' new facial expressions. Who needs nakedness when you have cute onsies like this.
~Fully-clothed Buster


  1. I loved the one with him & his stuffed animal buddies!




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