A New Year with Friends

We are a bit into 2013, but must post on the built-up NYE. It was actually a wonderful night. We said goodbye to our sweet Texas family and then headed to a fun dinner and somewhat random, might I say, ringing of the new year with two of my best friends who were in town. I'm telling you: the 40-50 crowd somehow become the party crowd. We were certainly outmatched.

I love when Easton just runs up and hugs you. He is too sweet. And precious Tanner is starting to make that eye contact that melts your heart.
Easton's rocking out to some cool tunes. He's a cool dude!
The Harvey's were here and so were Lindsey and her beau. It was SO great to see them all!
I can't help but think the one on the far right is the cutest! ;)
I love my girls!
Pink and James are moving back to the ATL!  So excited!!!
It's wonderful to see how much Kevin seems to adore sweet Lindsey. They are too cute.
Baby Smith helps us ring in the new Year! I can't believe our family is growing in 2013! We are so blessed!
I hope that you are starting off the new year with gratitude and joy. We never know when it is our last, so instead of silly resolutions, why not try to live everyday as if it's our last!?