Better late than never

It's been a busy couple of weeks, hence the delay in this post. But Matthew and I couldn't let our annual pumpkin carving pass by, so we decided to have Halloween in November. After his birthday we made an excellent Jack and Jill. Our neighbors probably thought we were weird--- just blame it on the baby. I already do that for everything else- poor kid doesn't have a chance. We loved coming home the first week of November to the lit up gords and a slice of my famous Homemade Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cake (Matthew's annual birthday request).

Can you guess which one Matthew carved?

I'm so excited for a week off of work as we prepare to give thanks after our 12 hour car ride to Dallas. I will be giving thanks for car games and Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving!!! Oh and maybe a few other significant and less trivial blessings.



  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING...cajun-style of course!

    Thinking of you and Matteo and that 12 hour drive to and from...big D!

    YOU ARE LOVED, sweet sistah!

    with a heart full of gratitude, dear heart...


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