School Spirit!

I had to respectfully decline to "drop a move" last night while chaperoning prom, but I did love seeing all the beautiful juniors and seniors, especially all the guys with their newly chopped hairdos. Mothers certainly had some influence there!

My school has a "joke of the day" after daily morning announcements. This past week, one of my lovely sophomores, who is in charge of the joke, dedicated one to me:

"What do you call a teacher who kisses dogs?...   Mrs. Smith!"  The laughter was certainly heard outside of my homeroom!

One of our school clubs was trying to raise some funds for a championship trip to California, so they thought of a pretty lucrative fundraiser: whoever brings in the most money in their classroom jar has to "Smooch the Pooch." My students were still a little bitter about a difficult project I assigned. Thus, on the first day my jar was full!!!