Ode to Marriage

1. Someone to laugh with over the silliest stuff
2. Someone to cry with when words just aren't enough
3. Someone to love you even with morning breath
4. Someone who thinks your beautiful when you feel like death
5. Someone who will stick around after a difficult fight
6. Someone who will help you fall asleep in the middle of the night
7. Someone to bow down with as you kneel and pray
8. Someone who will point you to the Lord each and every day
9. Someone to be a kid with as you run and play
10. Someone that is such a gift there aren't words to say

That girl in the pic will get to experience all the joys of marriage in 8 days!!! Doesn't she look pumped (as every bride-to-be should)!?  

I am the most blessed bride in the world. I love my hubby dearly. He is a gift I pray that I never take for granted! 



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