What's my style?

I'm getting ready to move into Matthew's and my new apartment!  I've been rummaging through my mom's extra furniture (thanks mom for holding on to soooo much stuff so your kids could put together a place with furniture-  it's a mismatched blessing!).
I decided to try to "distress/stain" a table and four chairs. It's quite distressing when your neighbors here you wailing on perfectly good furniture. Must be where the term comes from. :)
Since I've never been able to decorate my own place before, I'm thrilled to see if I have any sort of crafty restoration skills. Thank you DIY network for step-by-step staining instructions! (What did people do before the internet??!?)
I digress.....I was talking to my mom about what my decorating "style" was after looking at my project, and I couldn't really pin it down until I saw this phrase online: "hunting lodge chic, meets warm vintage modern"

That's definitely my kind of style right there!! 

I'm so glad I know. 
How that will help serve me in the future, 
I don't know. 

Anyway, here's my first home restoration project!  
I took an old white-washed kitchen table and chairs, 
and beat them to a pulp before several rounds of staining. 
I'm still waiting for it to turn darker before I finish it. 
This was actually kind of fun!
I'm patting myself on the back and brushing my shoulders off as I type. 

Here's the staining tools... I can't believe I know what tack cloth is now.
Distressing tools. Yes I couldn't wait to dump a pot of coffee on my furniture.
I also cried a little because there wasn't extra to drink.
They say a bike chain works well too, but I left mine on my bike when I was 6.

Old rags actually do have a great purpose!
How do I clean them though? Any thoughts on how to avoid the
really dirty work? Where's my husband when I need him?

I wanted a dark stain because I know it never gets that dark.

Sandpaper #1

Sandpaper #2

Sorry the shot is blurry, but check out the nicks I put in this table!

Look how the golden sun is starting to turn the once white wood!

I'm still putting on coats...  Wish me luck and lots of sunshine!

~Crafty CubBuster