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The process

Sometimes in the next week, we will meet a new member of our family! While I can hardly believe the pregnancy has come to the end, like everything, it's definitely been a process. There's a process to making life form, just like there is a process to developing character. While every parent knows that lessons must be taught more than once, I think we forget the process of character development really can take a lifetime.
I didn't fall in love with Jesus over night. It was a process. My husband and I didn't have a healthy marriage over night, it has been a process. Similarly, I cannot concern myself when my children show growth and appreciation one minute, and detrimental integrity flaws the next. They are going to have a long process of maturation. How can we expect them to get it right every time? Wasn't it the really ugly stuff in me that took the longest to rectify? Even grown adults don't change completely when they come to know the Lord. They may have some…

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