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Carefully Careless

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Break from the blog

As March begins, often we hope for a great thaw in our land. Now Georgia certainly doesn't have any icy soil that needs warming, but our yearning for more light and fresh newness to keep us from numbing appears universal. I have written on this blog for ten years now. From singleness to newlywed to mama of four sickly, but now active, growing boys. It's been a place for me to purge, process, and pray through some of life's biggest changes and challenges. It's also helped me keep distant family and friends informed, but I've felt for some time it's come to an appropriate place for pause. I know that I have many more mountains and valleys to travel if the Lord wills it, and many more personal lessons that I'd love to share and reread to my kiddos one day (and if anyone wants to organize and compile this little landscape into a memoir, please be my guest), but I do not ever want to assume a posture of numbness as it relates to our regular routines. I re

Monogamy, Monotony, and Manna

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. If you don't, I don't care. I'll just wear my underwear. We've been singing that ole' hymn a lot around here with our constant cloudy weather, and Mr. Roman is taking it literally as we continue potty-training pant-less. It's much of the same here. It often feels I've said these same words over and over again, and I hesitate to even say them in new ways. Have I typed all that needs to be typed on this safe space? Shall I continue to teach the same lessons day after day without proof of progression? Will I always be beautiful, interesting and mysterious to the same man I met and married many moons ago? Monogamy, Monotony, and Manna are not celebrated words in our culture. Yet I will choose to exult them here. Instead of crying about the rain or our "meatless" routines, we should recognize that a diet without meat or sun may be just what our bodies and land need right now. We may thrive in les