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Oatmeal Evidence

I think when you are born with all of your five senses functioning properly and all digits and organs in tact, it's harder to trust someone's word at face value. Simply put: we want to see the oatmeal pack for ourselves. Let me explain...  My eldest son wakes up one of two ways: happy and excited, talking incessantly, or angry and quiet, snapping at everything he hears. The mode of transportation usually depends on his level of hunger. He'd be a perfect candidate for those "Snickers" commercials where the crazy person transforms back to normalcy after eating a snickers bar. The other morning, he happened to wake up extremely hungry. After trying to patiently get his oatmeal cooking (because I won't serve snickers for breakfast), he began to question if it was the "oatmeal with the most sugar in it?" (He has come to conclude that "low sugar" oatmeal doesn't taste as good---go figure.) I simply bit my tongue and said, "Yes, it's…

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