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Having compassion

I recently viewed an interesting Ted Talk about malaria (found here), and I was struck by the simple yet simultaneously complicated solution to the deadly disease that claims over a million lives a year, most of those being children under the age of five! The speaker, Sonia Shah, equated the cultural norm of malarias environments to that of cold and flu season in western civilizations. It was a parallel interestingly deconstructed.
I began to think of all the causes, organizations, and relief efforts that exist to eradicate the world of horrendous illnesses and evils. When you are personally affected by an illness, evil, or unexpected hardship it is easier to focus your energy on ridding the world its existence. Those who have spearheaded humanitarian efforts, started non-profits, or created worldwide awareness and scientific research typically have some personal involvement in their purposes. However, they can also become erroneously angry when others don't share their passion.

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